Projects and Store

Projects and Store

Hi and welcome to the Cultivated Projects and Store.

On this page you will find useful free downloads, guides, links to my creative projects and goodness to purchase.

I don't hang out much on social media but I do post a lot more art and publishing type content to IG - If you’re on IG drop me a follow.

CM 10 - Take A Day Off - Physical ZINE

My first physical book- a Zine about taking a day off, ignoring the siren call of the masses at work, and managing the tension between work and life.

Meet Colin, who never took a day off.
Meet Malcolm who was attacked by seagulls.
And meet Prickles, who pooped in next door’s garden.

Along with insights, poems and a series of posters all designed by myself.

Book Details and purchase links.

CM 09 - The A-Z of Agility Poster

This is a fun poster outlining the A-Z of business agility.

X is pretty tough to source..

Article and poster here.

CM 08 - Join Our Company (eBook)

A field guide to building a brilliant recruitment and onboarding process. Do you want WOW, MEH or WTF when people join your company?

Find out more and buy the book on Amazon here.

CM 07 - The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

A free eBook about building a solid culture and career by focussing on behaviours. 10 of them to be precise.

Grab the book plus a whole host of extra resources here.

CM 06 - The Blazingly Simple Guide To Surviving A Conference

A free eBook that took no longer than an hour to put together, but has gone on to be a well respected fun guide for getting the most from a conference.

Immediate PDF download.

CM 05 - Remaining Relevant and Employable - eBook

My first ever published book is about remaining relevant and employable. It was my first ever published eBook and I’m still proud of this one.

Details and link to the book here.

CM 04 - Forget Time Management - Energy and Attention Is Where It's At

An eBook exploring how to focus on energy and attention rather than time management. Aimed at managers and leaders but useful for all.

Book details and link to purchase here.

CM 03 - Cultivated Creativity - 30 ideas (free guide)

This was a failed LinkedIn experiment – their publishing platform didn’t play ball. So, I turned it into a free eGuide instead.

Immediate PDF download.

CM 02 - The Diary Of A Manager

This is an old free eBook but still funny. It has typos. It’s getting refreshed at some point.

Leaving it up here though as many people have said it made them cry with laughter.

Book details and link here.

CM 01 - The Social Tester

I used to run a successful blog called The Social Tester back when I was a software tester.

It's still alive, although I don't post to it anymore.

I took the best articles, and some unpublished ones, and pulled them together into a book which can be bought here.