Join Our Company

Join Our Company – A book about hiring and on-boarding Technologists

The tech world moves fast. New technology. New consumer markets. New coding languages. New delivery methodologies.

And for some companies, new ways of hiring and on boarding technology professionals. Sadly though, there are still many companies struggling to find, attract, hire and onboard new hires with grace, dignity and efficiency.

A friend of mine recently joined a new company and knew he shouldn’t have. The hiring process was awful, the contract was wrong, the first day was a disaster. He said to me “WTF have I done?”.

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It reminded me of a time I joined a new company and quit after just 8 days. It reminded me of a time I joined a company and didn’t have a lapto whether or not I was successful the job – I was, but I’d got something else by then. Or the time I got asked “Do you have any physical difficulties” (You can’t ask that question).

You get the point. Not every company is on to hiring technology professionals.

The reality is that good professionals are in demand – so why do so few companies put in the effort to snaffle that talent quickly and with dignity?

All of this inspired me to hire and onboard technologists.

When we were growing our team 100% year-on-year we struggled in our first 6 months to attract and hire the right people. Then we put the candidate at the heart of the process and we made sure everything we optimised was for the candidate experience.

You can buy the eBook on Amazon here.

We made sure we topped making the process better.

I’ve included some ideas on how you too could do that, if you feel your hiring and on boarding strategies aren’t working.

When we implemented what I include in the book we had the following effects:

  • Our recruitment costs were insanely low, as many hires came from word of mouth, our own personal branding efforts or our own marketing activities.
  • Our employee churn rate was around 3% – pretty good. People didn’t leave.
  • Candidates who didn’t make it through the interview process told others about how amazing the process was, and how brilliant the company was!
  • Our average elapsed time from first speaking to a decision, was around 10 days. Pretty good also.

Here’s what’s in the book:

  1. The other way will also work
  2. Assumptions
  3. The structure of this book
  4. You have a choice
  5. The Hiring Plan – what problems or opportunities exist?
  6. Effective Employees
  7. Sourcing – attracting talent
  8. Balance Benefits
  9. Effective Job Adverts
  10. Use Agencies
  11. Hire Alone
  12. Hiring – flowing people through your process
  13. Staple yourself to a candidate
  14. Design a WOW service
  15. How to conduct a good phone interview
  16. Face to Face Interviewing
  17. Onboarding
    1. WTF
    2. MEH
    3. WOW
  18. A sample Onboarding process
  19. Some Considerations
  20. The Flow
  21. Bringing it all together

If you’re trying too.

You can grab the book here:

You can buy the eBook on Amazon here.

Note – you will have tore. National links below. The book is in English only right now.