Dealing with nerves - 11 powerful principles for public speakers

Dealing with nerves - 11 powerful principles for public speakers

Dealing with nerves as a conference speaker is still something I have to deal with, even after 15 years of doing Keynotes and conferences.

I was recently in Oslo, Norway for a Keynote presentation – my first one back in-person for two years.

As usual, it was a nervous but rewarding journey. In this video I share some Behind The Scenes insights into deliver a talk.

I decompress in a DeLorean car! I share some ideas on preparing and I explain why decompressing after a talk is so important for me.

Watch the video, and below are the 11 principles.

Essentially, dealing with nerves is about preparation and understanding the sound principles behind effective communication.

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The 11 principles for dealing with nerves

Here are the 11 principles that underpin my view of communication and are useful when dealing with nerves.

  1. All communication has a Purpose, Audience, Context
  2. Be Enthusiastic
  3. Communication is something the audience does
  4. Stories go where facts cannot
  5. Don’t waste the audiences time – know your content
  6. Practice is preparation
  7. People remember how you make them feel
  8. Non-verbal is a superpower
  9. People resonate with those who are like them
  10. You CAN hack your body
  11. Listening is the greatest compliment