Nash's use of leisure time - Learning Note

In this post I share my own A3 learning notes on Nash's Leisure Pyramid.

Nash's use of leisure time - Learning Note

Many of us are lucky to have some leisure time. Maybe not much depending on our opportunities, seasons of life and many other factors (like having kids), but we mostly get some leisure time.

Well, Jay B. Nash, back in the early twentieth century, created a pyramid of use of leisure time. Now, before we jump in, it's worth stating the obvious: this was created in a time that is very different today, but that doesn't mean there aren't nuggets of information and insights we can learn from.

There's also some fair criticism about the model, there is a lack of rigorous data to underpin it and it's fairly simplistic in it's design. But, with all of my learning, I read widely and I "crunch" ideas together with what I know and see, to create new paths for learning.

I resonated with this model on many levels - and also drew some comparable ideas to the world of work.

For example, at the bottom of the pyramid are levels of leisure activity that are detrimental to society, or the self. Well, get yourself in to some workplaces, and you'll find people so totally disengaged in the work, the leadership and the process, that they're actively performing activities that are detrimental to the business.

It's this kind of comparing, questioning and challenging that I like when I find theories, models and ideas like Nash's.

If you check out the notes, you'll find my own simple observations from my own world (and from what I see with others) that bring the levels to life, in Orange!

This week's Meeting Notes newsletter contains some deeper comparisons to work.

Note: These are my "learning notes" - real notes I create in an A3 notepad for my own learning. I create them for my own growth and only share notes I feel would be relevant to this community.

I use my trusty 4 step Personal Knowledge Management System of capture, curate, crunch and contribute. What you see here is step 4 - contribution.

Contribution is in my own behaviours in my life & the work I do. And contribution is also the sharing of these notes.

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