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Work With Me

Hi and welcome.

On this page you will find details of the products and services we offer at Cultivated Management.

There are three main categories of services listed on this page.

  1. Workshops
  2. Energising Talks / Seminars
  3. Consulting and Coaching

***Please note : We have a business storytelling workshop in development with a Sunday Times Best Selling fiction author. It's AWESOME!! and is in testing at the moment.

If you'd like to be a beta testing partner and get the course at a discount price - let me know. ***

(All workshops are tested for 6 months before available as a service)

Email for more information or if you'd like some support.

Almost all of the following services are based around a 5 step thinking model I use called Releasing Agility.

I developed this model over many years working as a VP and business agility consultant, trying to overcome communication related problems. Then, after weeks of deep thinking, this model was born - and I've used it ever since.

It’s designed to get fast, fun, rapid flowing results, with a great culture, high retention (of good people!) and extremely positive work culture. It's not a prescriptive model, but instead a way to think about how communication problems are manifesting in an organisation - and how to think about solving them.

It’s a communication business agility model for leaders, managers and HR. You can find a useful articles with videos here.

The Releasing Agility Model I use with clients. All about Clarity, Alignment and Action


The following workshops are designed to overcome specific problems many leaders and managers face.

They are all designed to be run "face to face" as they are typically immersive and include elements of hands-on design and building.

CMW1 - The Communication Super Power Workshop

This workshop is a joy to run and a joy to be in (I'm told). It's won best tutorial award at several conferences.

In this workshop we explore the science of communication, the eleven principles I've settled on and why 99% of problems in work are communication related.

Communication behaviours can be learned and in this workshop we cover writing, presenting, meetings, interviews and more.

I tailor the content for your business and the challenges people face.

We also cover non-verbal communication, understanding others and why DISC is a helpful tool.

It's a fun, exciting and inspiring session.

More detail of this workshop are here.

Price : £10k for a full day workshop. I recommend no more than 35 people. Even at 10 people this is just £1000 per person.

Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

CMW2 - 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees Design Workshop

The culture of your organisation is nothing more than the sum of everyone’s behaviours.

Behaviours matter, a lot.

In this workshop we design posters, video, leaflets, products, podcasts and a whole host of other mediums, each one designed to represent the 10 behaviours.

We will dive into each one and leave some space to talk about behaviours that are missing that are relevant to your company culture.

We'll cover how to outline the behaviours, communicate them, use them for interviewing, performance and management, and how to exhibit them yourselves - holding the high bar of behaviour is the role of leaders and managers.

If you want to shift the culture of your team or organisation, you must do this through behaviours.

In the workshop we cover:

  • What behaviours are
  • What influences behaviours
  • Why behaviours matter
  • What the 10 are
  • How to adopt them
  • And why leaders must role model

This workshop is about identifying the behaviours and then creating posters, podcasts, videos and any other medium that helps to bring them to life.

We can then point at behaviours, raise awareness about them and start to nudge them into the right direction.

There is a free eBook, examples of work output from these sessions, videos, podcasts and more about these 10 behaviours.

More detail of this workshop are here.

Price : £8000 for a full day workshop, plus write up.

Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

CMW3 - Zero to Keynote Workshop

This workshop is a full day of developing presenting skills.

It is strictly limited to 10 people to allow time and space to practice presenting. It also helps those who are nervous about presenting or speaking to groups, to have a smaller number.

We cover the 11 principles of communication and how they apply to presenting. We then generate ideas for talks, or expand a topic attendees may already have.

Then we present. And get feedback in a safe space. And refactor and present again.

I then cover some ideas about non-verbal communication that can help to land messages more powerfully. And then we talk about nerves and how to deal with them.

And then present some more.

Full day, packed with insights. For people who really want to develop presentation skills.

Price : £8000 for a full day workshop.

Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

CMW4 - Leadership Team DISC Workshop

This workshop is a variation of the communication superpower workshop, but focussed entirely on your leadership/management team and DISC.

I ran this workshop for a group of leaders struggling to win the hearts and minds of their team. No suprise, they were all hard charging, highly dominating individuals.

Another leadership team couldn't work out which direction to go. Lots of conversations and workshops were happening but no decisions were being made. No surprise - they were all cautious individuals who needed more data, more time, more consensus.

There is no right or wrong place to be on DISC, but effective teams typically have a variety of people across the DISC model. They know how to understand other people and most importantly, they know how to "move" towards other peopls's styles to engage in effective communication.

We start with DISC and explore what it is, and how it works. We then play some games to tease out our different preferences.

And then we explore many of the communication basics needed to align the team better.

A fun day and insightful for sure. And you and your team will then be armed with next steps to start coming together and bringing your direct reports with you.

Price : £6000 for a full day workshop, plus write up.

Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

Talks and Seminars

Energising Talks

I've been doing International Keynotes and company event presentations for over 10 years now - and also teach others how to present.

If you'd like an energising talk to get your team inspires, motivated and thinking differently, then I likely have a talk for you.

I come to your office, or event, and deliver an energising talk.

As an International Keynote presenter I know how to work a room and leave people feeling energised and refreshed – all packaged up with fun and humour.

I have a few staple keynote talks or could rustle up something specific for your business. Happy to hang around and do a Q&A or short seminar also.

If you'd like a specific talk that is not one of my staple Keynotes, then please give plenty of advanced notice. All talks are practiced and trialled, and then tweaked, for 6 months prior to being a Keynote.

Some talks that may inspire:

  1. The 10 behaviours of effective employees
  2. How to thrive in your career
  3. Friction versus Reward

Price : £5000 for a talk and Q&A

Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

Releasing Agility Seminar

In this half day Seminar we will play the puzzle game which perfectly demonstrates how to Release Business Agility.

It has all of the steps of the model in it, brings some fun and is super energising.

I have a video on how to run it here, if you want to have a go without me.

We cover lots, have fun, bring out the competitive nature of people and laugh our way through some seriously impactful lessons on business agility.

Happy to hang around for the rest of the day to chat about specific business challenges. I often find that after the seminar people really want to dig into topics - hence I can be available for the rest of the day.

Price : £4000 for the seminar and Q&A
Expenses : Happy to travel anywhere in the world - expenses to be added to the price.

Consultancy and Coaching

As an experienced Vice President of Software Engineering (twice), Vice President of HR, Head of Business Agility and Head of Communication, I'm available to coach or consult with you and your team.

I help leaders and managers release business agility.

  • Release = set free from confinement
  • Agility - move smoothly and quickly towards your goals

In a nutshell I help you move smoothly and quickly towards your business goals, whilst cultivating a business that enriches the lives of all who work in it.

It's a perfect blend of management, leadership, HR and professional communication.

If you're looking to get smoother and quicker, have an employee engagement challenge, have problems to overcome or simply need some good solid management advice and coaching, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

I always say that Agility is already in your company, you just need to find out why you're not moving smoothly and quickly and remove that blocker.

I always say that agility belongs to managers - they hold the keys to alot.

And if you release agility you will get high levels of employee engagement. After all, people are now working with managers who are dealing with systemic problems, being effective communicators and dealing with low performing employees.

Let me know how I can help.