How to thrive as a Tester - Support Page

Welcome to the supporting page for my book “How To Thrive As A Web Tester”.

On this page you will find extra resources and guides to help you in your journey as a Web Tester.

If you don’t already have a copy of the book you can grab it below.

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Without further-a-do – here are the extra bits.

Workshop Activities

(This section is for the associated thriving as a web tester workshop. Links and goodies below this section)

Slides from Web Testing Basics / Effective Tester are here –> Web Testing Basics Handout

Submitting to conferences

Here is a Blazingly Simple Guide for submitting to conferences.

mega list of conferences on Testing conferences website

Other awesome testers

Favourite music for testing

Accessibility Checking

Cross Browser Testing

Browser Extensions

Security Tools

Load Testing

Tab Order

Web Service Testing

Check out the competition


Automating Tediousness

Going Back To The Beginning Again

View The Source

Resize and Resolution

Disable CSS

Disable JavaScript

Mobile Emulator

Race Conditions

Testing In-Situ

Managing Add-Ons


Throttle Bandwidth



Block Pop-Ups