Recommended Reading List

On this page you will find a recommended reading list of books, podcasts and websites.

This page is based on many hours of reading, researching and studying.

This reading list is for people who want to learn how to balance the pillars of life, grow in their career and cultivate their skills.

The 9 Essentials

All of the books on this list are worthy of a read, but here’s a video and short-cut list of the 9 that I recommend for all managers, or those aspiring to management.

I read a lot and appreciate that it can be overwhelming to start. Hence, the 9. Enjoy.

Here are the 9 recommended books from the main reading list I would shortlist:

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The bigger reading list


Personal Development

Stoicism and Philosophy

Money, Finance & Selling



Ideas and Thinking

On this page I use affiliate links in the reading list to pay the server costs 🙂 You can find out more on my legal page.